Thursday, March 11, 2010

Next Year?!!!

So for next year, we would like the following to happen so we can make the day even more amazing!.....

  • More working space needed and a possible studio set up for the interviews.
  • More time to polish work and prepare the material - 2 days would be brilliant!!!
  • Links between stories more fluent so it flows
  • Information whilst person reports coming up by the side
  • More interaction with the community- visit the village 
  • More support from the BBC to look into interviewing a celebrity running up to the event and also have more access to images and music we can attach that we have copyright access to.
So, we are tired, exhausted and have macs on the brain!!! It is time to go home and log in to see the finished results.

We are proud of what we have achieved today and thank you to those who helped out in the making of our reports- without your support we would have no news!!!

So from Year 9, Mr Michie and Miss Goodman we are signing off for another year!!!

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