Thursday, March 11, 2010

Haiti - A Report

By Alice & Christina

Sport Relief @ CCC

By Amy & Sophie

Chalfont St. Peter Hit By A Spate Of Graffiti

By James & Jimmy

Be Safe Online

By Sophie

Online Games Design at CCC

By Nathan & Jack

Uniform! Uniform! Uniform!

By Hollie & Charlee

What are we doing to help the environment?

By Tammy & Will.

Next Year?!!!

So for next year, we would like the following to happen so we can make the day even more amazing!.....

  • More working space needed and a possible studio set up for the interviews.
  • More time to polish work and prepare the material - 2 days would be brilliant!!!
  • Links between stories more fluent so it flows
  • Information whilst person reports coming up by the side
  • More interaction with the community- visit the village 
  • More support from the BBC to look into interviewing a celebrity running up to the event and also have more access to images and music we can attach that we have copyright access to.
So, we are tired, exhausted and have macs on the brain!!! It is time to go home and log in to see the finished results.

We are proud of what we have achieved today and thank you to those who helped out in the making of our reports- without your support we would have no news!!!

So from Year 9, Mr Michie and Miss Goodman we are signing off for another year!!!

The Finale!!!


We didn't make the deadline but that has not broken our spirits in the BBC room (well room 72!!)

The students had a fantatic day and learnt new skills on the macs and how to use the HD flip video and edit video (even Miss Goodman used one!!!!) We also improved and strengthened our writing skills with the types of questions and script development.

Also our team and work and communication wasn't bad and Mr Michie managed to smile at the end of the day!! :-)

We also felt a sense of accomplishment and achieved something of good quality we can view and that isn't normally what we do on a school day.

Who will win the Premiership?

By Finley & Michael

The last push!

Ten minutes before lunch, when every ones getting excited about the hole thing coming together. Most students are finnished now and we are all ready to put in the finnishing tuches.

Mr Michie is on the war path.

Also Miss Goodman has woken up  ready to help with the final tweeks

Reported By Rachel & Charlotte

Busy Bees

Everyone has finished filming their interviews and collecting photographs.

Now students are editing and producing voice overs.

Everything is going well except it seems Miss Goodman is Slacking and getting tired!

Reported by Charlotte & Rachel

Lights, camera, action!

Many students have started to film and collect photographs for their reports. Interviews are taking place and are going well with people doing their best to put out their opinion.

                             Outside on the school field.

 Sophie and Amy filming.

                                           Uniform interview one.

Uniform interview two.

                                         Internet safety interview.

Reported by Rachel & Charlotte

It's all go in the BBC school room

Today we have our group of reporters working on different stories. We started work at 8:20am on scripts and filming. All our groups are very enthusiastic about their stories and have great ideas.

Our top stories are:
-Haiti appeal- Disaster struck on the island of Haiti
-Internet safety- Do you know who your talking to on the internet?
-Uniform policy- What students and teachers at Chalfonts think about uniform
-Sports relief- What we're doing to raise money for sports relief
-Graffiti around Chalfont St Peter- Art or vandalism?
-Eco-Schools- What we're dong to save the environment at Chalfonts by becoming green!

Reported by Charlotte & Rachel

And we're off!

Students are arriving, equipment is charged and the clock is ticking!

Miss Goodman is excited!

I hope that everyone has a great day!

Mr. M.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Looking forward to School Report 2010

Blog is ready, lessons are planned, sessions are organised and equipment is booked - looking forward to getting started with BBC School Report 2010!

More info and updates soon...